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About us

Our family lifestyle is built around our sled dogs. Our lifestyle is our passion, which we pursue every day all year around.

Our dogs are Alaskan Huskies & few retire Siberian Huskies. By that it stands in our company name ALL HUSKIES.

All Huskies was founded in 2013. Our company’s values include:

  • Dog welfare
  • Responsibility of nature and tourism
  • Security of all programs and high-quality customer service.
    We have been awarded the Green Activities sustainable tourim certificate.
    Green Activities is also the only sustainability certificate in Nordics that includes welfare criteria for tourist animals.

​Welfare of or dogs is top importance to us.

  • Our dog kennel is large and dog friendly.
  • Dog houses are heat insulated during winter and dogs with short fur are living in warm kennel house.
  • Our dogs get individualized care.
  • Exercise all year around. In summer, our dogs get free running time daily on four big play areas together with 15-20 dogs.

Autumn time we start training with ATV and winter is our sled season.

  • Our dogs eat high-quality dog ​​food.
  • We breed dogs only for us, not for sell.
  • Old dogs stay at home for retirement

Responsibility of nature belongs to all of us and we want to preserve this Lapland nature for future generations as well. All together we can do it!

  • We recycle waste and compost our bio waste
  • Customers toilet is a composting dry toilet
  • We use ecological electricity. Our electricity is local wind enercy from Sodankylä.
  • Serving cups and plates are biomaterial, as well as the napkins are compostable and made of recycled material
  • When purchasing material, we consider their ecology.
  • We use always when possible recycle products for work clothes

Pauliina got her first dog in 1993. Osku was a mix of a Beagle and a Siberian Husky. Her second dog, Aslak, she got in 1998. Aslak was a Siberian Husky.

​First time she took part of a sled dog competition in 1995 and she kept racing until year 2003. After some years between, she did a comeback in 2009 and from straight she won her first Finnish Championship on the Middle-Distance six dog class 3x40km. Her best result on the Middle-Distance class is a European Championship gold medal in 2014.

She started sled dog safari work in Lapland in 1998.

Her company All Huskies Oy is founded in 2013.

In his childhood Hannu had many Germany Shepherd dogs. First Siberian Husky, Geisha, he got in 2008. She is still living in our kennel.​

First time he took part of a sled dog competition in 2009.

Hannu moved to Lapland in 2013 and he drove his first long distance race in 2014.

We have 70 sled dogs who will take care of your unforgettable experience in Finnish Lapland.

Our dogs are Alaskan Huskies and few retires Siberian Huskies. By that is stands in our company name ALL HUSKIES.

Most of our dogs are born here in our kennel. Puppies born in summer, so we have time to socialize with puppies and teach them.

We make litters only when we need more dogs and all of litter puppies stay home. We don’t sell the puppies. If we sell dogs, they are adults aged 6-10 years. Often, they go to homes where there are already dogs, or they go to homes where they can teach young dogs.

Dogs who live all their lives with us, also will retire in our kennel. We offer them safe and secure place to spend their retirement as long as they are healthy.

Oldest dog that we have had was 16,5 years old female, Chevy.

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